The Most Innovative Personal Training In Halifax
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EMS Fitness meets Personal Training


Not enough time to exercise? BestSecret Fitness has your solution.

Get in shape in only 25 minutes per week!

Stay fit or get in shape in only 25 minutes per session. BestSecret Fitness uses the latest technology to create the easiest and most efficient workout. In combination with our 3D body scan technology, BestSecret Fitness offers exclusive and first-class fitness and health innovation.

The most innovative fitness in Halifax

  • Full body workout in only 25 minutes
  • 18 x more effective as regular gym workout
  • Intensive training
  • Our EMS pulses capture up to 90% of your muscles
  • Time saving
  • Better and faster results
  • Effect proven in several studies
  • Perform a 3D body scan in seconds
  • In only 35 seconds we extract millions of measurements
  • You are our priority

Make yourself become a priority!


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EMS Training Halifax

Right in the heart of Downtown Halifax

BestSecret Fitness is located at Park Lane Mall, Suite 2175, Main Level, 5657 Spring Garden Road, Halifax.