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Boost performance with EMS

Increasing your performance significantly in competitive sports is a difficult task and makes the difference between winning or losing. And the spaces to improve are small…very small! But what if there was a training tool that could ensure your warmup was shortened, your training performance increased by up to 19% and your recovery time extremely accelerated? Our Easy Motion EMS system from Germany is the answer to how you can boost your body to top performance!

For decades now, EMS technology has been the secret weapon of many top athletes when it comes to recovery. It is EMS technology that makes it possible to not only power your body in terms of regeneration, but also in terms of performance. Our EMS technology makes it possible to penetrate deep into the muscle and stimulate it in such a way that even more fibers are activated than any other training device could make it possible!

The trick lies in the unique blend of low and medium frequency pulses that increase your athletic performance to the maximum. With the more muscle fibers activated (90-95%), you’ll be stronger, faster and more enduring.

Our EasyMotion EMS system is your ultimate performance booster.

Training performance + 19%
Activated muscle fibers 90%

Improve your warm up

The warm up process is one of the most important parts of the entire training process. It prepares your muscles for heavy loads, explosive movements and long workouts. The better your muscles are warmed up and prepared the better your workout and less chance of injury. EMS helps you activate 90-95% of your muscles, improves your blood flow, and connects your brain and muscles much more effectively so you can move more athletically. Athletes who train with EMS are able to perform sport-specific movements much faster and more coordinated. Whether it’s in tennis, golf, basketball or soccer. You name it. Christiano Ronaldo (Currently one of the best soccer player of the world), Raphael Nadal (one of the best tennis players of all times), Usain Bolt (Fastest men alive), David Haye (Former UK Boxing Champion).

Increase your training performance

When it comes to peak performance, your strength, speed and endurance matter! These three qualities make for more physical performance in your sport. EMS will noticeably increase your strength, increase your movement speed and improve endurance ability. Our low and mid frequencies train both endurance and fast-twitch muscles alike. YOU decide what your goal is and adjust the suit as you need it.

Shorten your recovery time

Recovery is something athletes should do every day to consistently deliver exceptional performance. Just put on our EMS skin after your workout or competition and do one of our recovery or massage programs to do something really good for your body, releasing muscle tension and activating blood flow so lactate can find its way out of your muscles and you can return to your full potential again and again the next day.

5 EMS benefits that will boost your performance

  1. EMS improves the quality and density of your muscles, making you stronger, faster and more enduring.
  2. EMS pulses train both types of muscles, fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibers.
  3. EMS training does not stress the joints and thus makes it possible to continue exercising during an injury, speeding up the recovery process.
  4. EMS provides improved coordination between the brain and muscles, which extremely increases the effectiveness of movements.
  5. EMS training also minimizes any form of inflammation in the body.

At BestSecretFitness, we see EMS as a booster for your workout. Our EMS system works best when you combine it with your workouts to train the movement sequences that are most important to your sport. BestSecret Fitness boosts your regular training effect by up to 19% and is currently the most effective way to take your athletic performance to the next level.