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EMS Workout Halifax

EMS Workout exclusive in Halifax

What is EMS and what does EMS even mean?

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation. In this form of training, the muscles are stimulated by electrical stimuli. Low and medium frequencies are used, which are harmless to humans. These impulses trigger a complete muscle contraction, as occurs during conventional training.

How does EMS work?

In principle, EMS works like a turbo booster of your own strength: With every movement that you make in everyday life, your brain sends the command to tense (muscle contraction) by means of bioelectric impulses to the corresponding muscles. In EMS workout, this principle is amplified many times over, your muscles thus much stronger stressed.

Boost performance with EMS!

Our EMS workout is the answer how you can boost your body to top performance to reach your goals. For decades now, EMS technology has been the secret weapon of many top athletes. It is EMS technology that makes it possible. Our EMS technology makes it possible to penetrate deep into the muscle and stimulate it in such a way that even more fibers are activated than any other training device could make it possible!

Reach your goals in no time. Train 1-3 times per week for just 25 mins/session and watch the transformation. During each session, your personal trainer will guide you to achieve your goals, keep you motivated and answer any question you may have.

Your personal trainer will work with you to identify what you need to meet your goals. YOU decide what your goal is and we make it happen!


Muscle building

Normal exercise enables the muscles to work between 40-60% of their capacity. During BestSecret workout, more than 90% of the muscle fibers contract - 85 contractions per second. In contrast to conventional strength training, the deeper lying muscles are being working hard as well. This training is easy on the joints as no heavy weights are needed. Because this training is intensive, you will see fast results.

Weight loss Cellulite

EMS workout helps you get the benefits of intense training in a safe and more effective way! Our training makes your muscles work much more intensively than traditional strength training. In just 25 mins/ session, you will see the same results as if you were training 3-4 hours of traditional strength and/or endurance training! EMS workout is your solution to celebrate incredible weight loss results in an accelerated time! EMS will help you to metabolize more fat, to feel and to look your best more efficiently.


Endurance is essential to provide the ability to be active for longer durations while doing sports. Endurance athletes not only need strength but also a high amount of oxygen to flow through the body as endurance sports rely primarily on oxidative (aerobic) metabolism for energy supply. Hence specific muscles and the ability to utilize a high amount of oxygen (also known as V02 Max) during sporting activities are crucial to improve endurance. With EMS workout, all fibers in proximity of the electrode pad regardless of their type are recruited. Therefore, a greater number of fast-twitch fibers are activated earlier than they would be with traditional training. This is beneficial for speed, power and strength athletes.

Pain Relief

The special electrical pulses also capture the deep muscles that are difficult or impossible to reach through conventional training and treatment methods. Our special full-body EMS workout is a timesaving, very effective all-round training which achieves both therapeutic and preventive goals. Low frequencies are used here to reduce pain in nerves, joints and muscles. These pains are often a result of years of neglect of the respective body structures. The pain occurs in a variety of forms and locations in the body, such as the lower back, shoulder, neck, knees and elbows. Migraine is also a form of pain that can be significantly reduced with EMS low frequencies.

High Quality Equipment

EMS Workout Halifax

Easy Motion Skin

State of the art equipment - The suit is lightweight, comfortable, antibacterial, washable and effective. The wireless EMS system is by far the best solution for celebrating incredible weight loss, muscle strength, endurance and pain relief results in a more efficient and effective amount of time – no matter your age or fitness level.